Hot Tubs for Ontario Homeowners

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Hot Tubs for Ontario Homeowners

Have you always dreamed of having your very own home spa? A summer barbecue with friends followed by a soak in the hot tub as the sun sets – it can’t be beat! But Ontario homeowners are sometimes discouraged by the impression that a hot tub can only be used during warmer months. In fact, home spas in Ontario are becoming more and more common, due to innovations that make using your hot tub year-round simpler and more energy efficient.
Imagine sitting in a bubbly hot tub with a glass of merlot, the starry sky above and snow falling gently around you… Winter can be the best season of all to spend some time in the warm and effervescent waters of a home spa.

Cold Weather and Hot Tubs

If you are going to use your hot tub on a regular basis, it’s worth your while to keep it heated through the winter. When you’re buying a hot tub for year-round use, you will want to consider aspects such as:
  • Insulation. Dense insulation will help to keep heat in and cold out. Some hot tubs also use recycled material, increasing the eco-friendliness of their construction.
  • Cover. For winter use, a thick and efficient insulating cover with a tight seal is imperative. A great cover will make sure that little heat escapes into the air.
  • Pumps. Some pumps transfer the heat created by their operation back into the water. This makes them energy smart as well as perfect for winter use.
The benefits of hot tubbing in the winter are many. Some even feel that spending time in a hot tub during flu season can help ward off cold and flu germs! Ontario winters can be long, so why not bring a little warmth into them with your very own home spa?

Finding an Ontario Hot Tub Retailer

You’ll want to find a retailer that specializes in home spas. These professionals understand types of spas, the numerous add-on options available, and installation concerns. They will also provide you with a plan regarding warranty and servicing for the life of your hot tub.
A good Ontario retailer will help you choose the best hot tub for your needs, based on performance and value. Retailers specializing in home spas will carry various brands, boast a large inventory of tubs, and may even have demonstrator models on hand for you to try out, so bring your bathing suit!
There is a large range of tubs available, from small recreational models to large swim spas. Research the types of tubs available, and consider your own needs, then talk to a knowledgeable retailer about it. Whether you want a hot tub that will provide fun and entertainment, one that features massage and hydrotherapy options, or one that allows you the opportunity for exercise, you’re sure to find a model that will suit your lifestyle.
Don’t forget to check out options like stereo surround sound, illuminated fountain jets, individual moulded seats and headrests, exercise equipment, televisions, cup holders, and more.
Visit a dependable retailer of hot tubs in Ontario today, and find the perfect hot tub for your backyard.

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